Charles Bishop: Chairman Walker County Commission

Restore Our Fiscal Foundation

Charles Bishop

Why New Leadership?

The Current County Commission Chairman Will Tell You The County Is In Good Financial Condition – BUT THAT’S NOT TRUE!

Walker County got $12,338,210 from the Federal Government in ARPA funds. That money is gone!

The county is now more than two months into its 2024 budget AND IS ALREADY BEHIND IN IT’S REVENUE PROJECTIONS!

The garbage collection service is losing A HALF MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR NOW – and it will only get worse with the closure of Pineview Landfill.

The current Chair of the County Commission voted (May 2021) to raise your garbage collection fees by 10% AND THEN WAS THE DECIDING VOTE (Sept 2022) TO GIVE HIMSELF A 5% PAY RAISE!

Fighting with the County Sheriff, “good ole buddy” deals, and pure mismanagement will bankrupt the county in the NEAR FUTURE!

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